Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Review of Turning Home by Stephanie Nelson

When Brooke Kingsley finally captures the interest of her four-year crush—bad boy Dylan Crawford—her world turns upside down. Feeling alive for the first time, Brooke decides to spend her last three days of summer with Dylan and discovers there’s more to him than the rumors being whispered all over town. The problem is, Brooke’s father doesn't want his daughter anywhere near the blue-collar bad boy. As Brooke leaves for college, she’ll realize that some boys aren't easy to forget.

Dylan Crawford has hated the Roseville Snobs his entire life, but one particular Snob has captured his eye—Brooke Kingsley. He knows he should stay away from her, but willpower has never been his strong suit. Soon Brooke is all he can think about. When she leaves for school, Dylan tries to move on with other girls, but the memory of Brooke taunts him. There’s an undeniable pull to the very girl he’s been warned to stay away from.

When tragedy strikes the Kingsley household, secrets are uncovered. Brooke and Dylan must decide if what they feel for each other is strong enough to conquer their families’ dark past.

Review by Lisa:

                                                       5 Beautiful, Freeing Stars

   Stephanie Nelson became one of my favorite authors while reading her Gwen Sparks books; which is a sexy paranormal series. Turning home is the first non paranormal book that Stephanie has written. I knew that her new NA romance would win me over like her other books. I was so right.

   Brooke is somewhat of a broken soul, but she doesn't realize it being her whole life has been controlled immensely by her parents. Not only by her parents, but also the snotty society she lives in. It is very sad, really. It just goes to show you that money does NOT buy happiness. She is also a free spirit caged so greatly that she doesn't recognized  that fact, either, until a certain boy unlocks her cage. But she faces an agonizing decision... does she stand there with the door wide open or does she let her spirit soar.

" My heart pounded so hard and I was sure he could hear it , and the butterflies in my stomach took up residence inside my skull, leaving me dizzy." - Brooke

   Now on to Dylan. Is he swoon worthy? Hell yes he is. He had me drooling all over the place. Dylan is a rebel without a cause, at least between the sheets, until a (seemingly) stuck up rich girl catches his eye. He is quick to learn that judgmental people don't just reside on the rich side of the tracks. He soon finds himself in the same guilty category of being judge and jury. 

"Her innocence dripped off of her like honey from a beehive, ready to be harvested." - Dylan

   Turning Home took my breath away. I was immediately captivated by the story and fell in love with characters. As the story moves along, I felt my heart breaking. Then Stephanie throws in  a curve ball that saddened me even more. By the end of Brooke and Dylan's story, my tears were flowing and wouldn't stop.I sat there for a few minutes and realized this bookworm would need some recovery time before I started on to my next reading adventure. Such sweet torture. *sigh*  Well done Stephanie Nelson, well done. 

"You tempt me like a juicy worm on a hook." She laughed loud. "Would that make you a bass? Because all this time I thought people were saying you were an ass." - Dylan and Brooke

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