Monday, February 3, 2014

Cover to Covers Review

Laura's Review for Cover to Covers  by Alexandrea Weis

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This happens to be the first book I've read of Alexandrea Weis and I admit I am pleasantly pleased with my choice in choosing to read Cover to Covers. Like Tyler, I've never been to "N'awlins" as it affectionately mentioned in the novel but the author has a keen ability to draw the reader into the pride of the French Quarter. She was able to draw a picturesque city rich with history through her  words. Cause for 2 stars in my review scale. The storyline was absolutely relatable and believable which is another star in my book. Her ability to write in the point of view about the grade A selfish bastard Tyler Moore was refreshing and the fact that he was man in his 50's appealed to me too. This was a couple who were past youth and rekindled the biggest what if of their lives into adult hood. Star for that too. The romance and the emotional drama was drawn out seamlessly and truly felt the despair and rejection for the character. Overall the story as a whole was well written and edited expertly. Over a five star experience.