Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blog Tour Stop ~ Damaged by Nina D'Angelo

Title- Damaged
Series- Outlaws Series # 1
By- Nina D’Angelo
Expected Publication Date- February 28th, 2014


Before Stephanie Carovella had nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, she was damaged.

Stephanie Carovella has been running from her past all her life. The survivor of a brutal attack which left her best friend dead, she has carefully built a protective wall around herself, but she knows sooner or later her past is going to catch up with her.

It’s why she doesn’t want to fall in love. It’s why she doesn’t want to let anyone get too close.
Dominic Delaney works hard and plays just as hard. He’s a love ‘em and leave ‘em guy who doesn’t believe in forever until Stephanie walks into Outlaws. She is wild, unpredictable and dangerous as hell, yet, he’s drawn to her.

He needs to know the secrets behind her eyes. He can’t walk away.

A sexy, tattooed womanizer, Dominic Delaney’s everything Stephanie wants to avoid. She knows she should stay the hell away from him, but he makes her want to stop running.

Sometimes, even the Damaged deserve to fall in love.

*****5- Wow...just, WOW- Stars*****
~I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review~
~this review contains minor spoilers~

I can't escape this life. It doesn't matter how far I run, he will find me. There's nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. I accepted a long time ago that this is who I am.”

When I first signed up for this blog tour, I didn't realize this book was a prequel to an already existing series, a series I have not read. Well, that is going to change- Nowhere to Run & Nowhere to Hide are most definitely getting added to my ever growing TBR pile, but I'm nervous about that as well. You see, I fell head over heels in love with Dominic in this book and his name is mentioned nowhere in either of the blurbs for those books, which begs the question for this here newbie -What the hell happened to Dom?

He was dangerous. She didn't even know him, and he already had a hold on her. It terrified her, straight to the core. He had the ability to break through the barriers she'd aligned around herself and the power to shake her foundations without even realizing it-without their even meeting. Since the first night she'd walked into Outlaws, Dominic had looked too closely at her. He saw everything she didn't want anyone to see. He saw her.

Stephanie Carovella brings all new meaning to the word damaged. She has been through so very much in her young life already-escaping the clutches of not one but two serial killers, yet she is still standing, a survivor through and through. That doesn't mean that she doesn't have some very present demons in her life that she has to fight off every single day. She has become an expert at masking her emotions and closing herself off from everyone around her. No one knows the real her, the reasons she wakes up screaming every night from her nightmares, why she carries a gun everywhere she goes, or why she is constantly looking over her shoulder, not even her boyfriend Ben. But that all changes when Dominic comes barreling into her life.

I trust him completely. I can't explain it, Gena, but I know I can talk to him about anything and everything, and he won't judge me. It's been a long time since I felt that way about anyone.”
Have you ever felt like that about anyone?”
No. I haven't, and it scares me a little. There's something about him. I can't explain it, but he makes me feel normal.”

Dominic Delaney is the owner of Outlaws, a tattooed, badass, womanizer who plays as hard as he works. He has an on & off again girlfriend for the last three months, but even that is just pretty much a title, more like a convenience- he calls her when he needs her, but strays when he feels like it. No one has ever held his attention long enough to even think about wanting anything permanent. But that all changes when he meets Stephanie. She is so different from any other woman he's ever met, beautiful and strong, yet he can see the pain, loss, and fear in her eyes that she hides from everyone else. He sees through he defenses and it makes him want her even more. He knows getting involved with her would be more trouble than hes prepared for, but he just doesn't care. Not even her boyfriend can keep him away.

Stephanie, you're running from something, and whatever it is terrifies you. I'm not going to promise you that I won't fall in love with you, but I'll promise you that I won't make the first move. I'll leave that up to you. If you don't want more than friendship, then I won't press you for anything else. Instead, I'll be your best friend, the one you share your deepest, darkest secrets with.”

And so the dance begins....
Stephanie can't deny the connection she feels to Dominic, but it scares her. Her boyfriend Ben is the best choice for her, he's the safe choice. He doesn't push for her to let him in like she knows Dominic would-and that's the problem. Dominic makes her want to open up to him and let him in completely for the first time in her life, but will he still want her once he finds out all of her dark and bloody secrets?

Dominic, don't you realize you're the one person I especially need to hide my emotions from? And you're the one person I don't want to hide them from. You make it so easy to believe that love can make the world go round, and that happily ever after can exist for me. You make me want to grab onto everything you have to offer and never let go.”
Would that be so bad?”
In my world, Dominic, happily ever after doesn't exist. What exists is pain and heartbreak. I won't put you though that. I can't put you though that. Don't ask me to.”

This book had me in tears more than once and screaming in frustration often. Just when you start to breathe a little bit BAM the author slams you with a twist I never saw coming, which in turn had Dominic pulling a dick move that made me want to choke the life outta him. I absolutely fell in love with each, well most, of these characters and this author. I cannot honestly say if I was missing any important information by not having read the other two books first, but I plan to find out. I'm very much looking forward to seeing more of this crew and finding out where they go next. OH, and props to the author for all the kickass character names in here!

Ben had never been able to handle Stephanie, but Dominic would. He'd keep her in check; he'd hold her demons at bay, and he'd prove to her that damaged people needed love, too. He'd make her happy.

You're so beautiful.”
Men can't be beautiful, darlin'. They can be sexy, they can be roguishly handsome, but they are never, ever beautiful.”

Stephanie Carovella

Stephanie been running from her past all her life. The survivor of a brutal attack which left her best fiend dead, she’s carefully built a protective wall around herself. She knows sooner or later her past is going to catch up with her. That’s why she doesn’t want to fall in love. It’s why she doesn’t want to let anyone get too close.
So, she dates a boy she will never love and waits for the day when she has to walk away.

She’s been hell and back and she’s still standing. She has scars on the inside and the outside and she’s determined to kick the world in the ass.
She never lets anyone get close and doesn’t want to need anyone.

She just never counted on meeting Dominic Delaney.

Dominic Delaney

A sexy tattooed womanizer, Dominic works hard and plays just as hard. He’s more of a love em and leave em guy rather than a forever kind of guy.

Dominic is loyal to his family friends. He’d rather break his own heart than hurt any of them. He’s never given much to falling in love until recently. Lately he’s been restless and he can’t work out why. It’s almost like he’s searching for someone - that one girl who will capture his heart forever.
Then Stephanie walks into Outlaws.
In one single moment everything changes.
He knows Stephanie’s damaged. She’d wild, unpredictable and dangerous as hell not just to his sanity but to his health. Yet, he’s drawn to her.
He knows his life’s never going to be the same again but he can’t walk away.

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Nina D’Angelo is the best-selling author of the Stephanie Carovella series. Her first novel, Nowhere to Run was released in February 2013 and reached #86 on the Amazon Top 100. Her second novel, Nowhere to Hide was released in August 2013.
They are both available in Paperback and ebook format.
Damaged is the prequel to the Stephanie Carovella series and the first in the Outlaws series. Nina has already started working on Deadly Secrets, the third in the Stephanie Carovella series and Shattered, the second in the Outlaws series. Both are slated for a 2014 release.