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Review by Jenn-Flawed Beauty by LR Potter

Flawed Beauty
by LR Potter
168 pages
NA Contemporary Romance
published: April 23rd 2013


As a college senior, Tate Morgan focuses her life on work and school, determined to make a life for herself – by herself – refusing to be drawn back into previous patterns of flawed self-destruction . Then, Dr. Jace Staton enters her life. While instantly attracted to him – with his dark hair and haunting blue eyes – she becomes a challenge to him when she refuses to succumb to his charms.

Tate tells herself she doesn't deserve his love, but will his relentless pursuit of her be strong enough to pull her out of the murky depths of her life? Or will haunts of her past come back and expose the person she used to be, causing her to lose him? Tate knows in reality, she never really deserved him to begin with. Will Jace show her that love can conquer all?

*****5-Devastating and Sweet-Stars*****
this review contains minor spoilers

squalid – marked by filthiness and degradation from neglect or poverty; morally debased.
Yep, that was her-marked by filth and morally debased. Who was she to try and smear that filth into Jace's life? He didn't deserve it anymore than she had.

I first came across LR Potter in the book 'Blood Bites' (See Review) even though it was a book of short stories, I immediately fell in love with her writing style. So when a friend asked me to give her book a read, I readily agreed. This book is miles from her short vampire story in 'Blood Bites' but it cemented my love of this author.

Tiffany came from a nice, normal family. She'd never understand why Tate felt
the need to keep people – men specifically – at arm's length. They couldn't be trusted...not one of them.

This is going to be a tough review to write, there are so many unknowns tied up in this story that there is little I can say without giving it all away. As devastating as it was to watch Tate's story unfold, you really have to go into it blindly in order to properly feel the effects and fully understand Tate as a person.

Trust wasn't something she gave to anyone. She'd learned a long time ago, that when you gave even an inch to someone, before long, you were run over. She didn't need nor want the trouble. She'd been past that period of her life for a very long time.

Tate Morgan is a full time senior in college, working two jobs to completely support herself and barely making ends meet. She has no interest in getting involved with anyone because 1-she has NO time. and 2-she has been burned so severely in the past by just about everyone she thought she could trust (especially the men in her life), that trust in ANYTHING no longer exists. Then she meets the criminally charming and drop-dead sexy Dr. Jace Staton....

She found it hard to from complete sentences when he smiled at her. It was like her brain misfired or something.

There was something about him, some unknown quality he exuded that drew her attention to him. Not that it mattered – even if she actually dated at all – there would always be two things she avoided: customers with grabby hands, and guys who played in the band – even if he was a yummy doctor – especially since he was a yummy doctor.

The fact that she goes out of her way to avoid him and seems impervious to his charms only makes him more interested. She's terrified of letting him in, but his persistence starts to wear her down. She comes to care for him but she feel she isn't good enough for him. She does everything she can to push him away knowing the minute her discovers everything about her checkered past he'll leave anyway and she won't be able to handle that-but he won't be denied.

Damn it, Tate! I don't want a life without you. Tell me where you are,” he demanded.
Jace, you were an unexpected gift – a rare treasure. But we were never destined to be together. Can't you see that?”

This book broke my heart and just when you think it can't get any worse, you heart is bleeding on the floor, the author picks it up and throws it in a blender with one last gut-wrenching twist. And Jace?! That man was a friggin godsend for Tate, I have never met a more patient person. There are so many times when most guys would have just walked away and he didn't, he knew what he wanted and fought for it. And while the steamy moments were pretty tame compared to what I normally read, they were still pretty damn hott. At the end of the day, I have a new author on my favorites list and a book that completely broke me before patiently and lovingly piecing me back together.

You said you wanted to be like the swans and find a mate for life.”
I remember”
I'm not... that person... I can't be that person. I won't ever be that person.”
Tate, tell me what happened.”
It doesn't matter. You're a really good man, Jace, a really good man, and you deserve better. I want you to go and find your swan.”
I have found her”

LR Potter, a central Florida native, currently resides close to the sandy beaches of Perdido Key in the northern part of Florida. Potter loves losing herself in the magic of a good book while listening to the sounds of the surf and hopes whoever reads her books finds the same escape. Being a lover of all literature, she writes over several genres.

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