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Review by Jenn- Blood Bites by Kristen Middleton, CJ Pinard & LR Potter

Blood Bites

Three vampire tales by three talented female authors!
~Wicked~ by Kristen Middleton
~Violent~ by CJ Pinard
~The Blood Pool~ by LR Potter
171 pages
Published October 14th 2013
*****5 -bloody, bite me- Stars
this review contains minor spoilers

If your looking for something quick yet interesting, in between reads, then these bloody tales are just right.
Story #1 made me insanely curious to check out the Night Roamers Series...
Story #2 was from one of my favorite Paranormal Authors...
and Story #3 introduced me to an author I very much want to see more from in the future.
Story #1
~Wicked~(A Night Roamers Short) by Kristen Middleton
When eighteen-year-old Emily wakes up to find herself being held captive in a barn with four other women and tries to escape, she finds herself being hunted by a dark presence through the deep woods of Montana.
The excitement of moving out of my parents' home and starting college in two weeks was beyond exhilarating. Plus, my best friend Betsy was going to join me after she returned from Florida with her parents in a couple of weeks...
...our dreams were finally becoming a reality and it made me so giddy, sleep was laughable.
Emily has just left the clutches of her over-protective parents and is about to start college. Set to share an apartment with her best friend, she couldn't be more excited about this new chapter in her life-til a late night soda run goes horribly wrong.....
Although he was certainly nice-looking there was something off about him. Something creepy.
She wakes up in a barn with four other women and no idea where she is, how she got there, or why. When a chance at escape presents itself, she grabs it-but the only place to run is the endless woods surrounding her and what hunts her out there may be even worse than what she ran from.
And we should trust you?”
Whether you do or not is completely up to you. I don't think you have much choice though, do you?”
This was a pretty short story, which didn't leave me with a whole lot of time to really get lost in it. However, it was interesting enough and the characters caught my attention. I must admit, I have not read any of the books from the Night Roamers series BUT this short has piqued my interest enough that I want to check it out. Besides, I just have to learn more about Martin ;)
The little one amuses me. That's the one who almost got the best of you?”
She fights dirty,” replied Martin.
I fight dirty? You're the one who kidnapped all of us. You can't get much dirtier than that.”
He grinned. “You have a point.”
About the Author:
  Kristen lives in Minnesota with her husband, Dave, and two daughters, Cassie and Allie. She spends her days chasing kids, drinking iced-coffee, and obsessing over completing her current book or starting the next one. Besides spending time with her family, she enjoys reading, movies, traveling, cooking, and watching 'The Walking Dead' and 'Shameless' on Sunday Nights. She also LOVES getting emails from her readers, so (unless you're craving brains or blood) don't be afraid to send her a message at:
Kristen has hit #1 on the Paranormal,Teen,Horror,and Erotica charts on numerous occasions, with Blur, Zombie Games (Origins), and Tangled Beauty (under her pen-name K.L. Middleton). Kristen has also been a ranked author in Amazon's top 100 in Horror.
Zombie Games Series:
Origins (Book One)
Running Wild (Book Two)
Dead Endz (Book Three)
Road Kill (Book Four)
End Zone (Book Five) Release date 11/15/2013
Night Roamers Series:
Blur (Book One)
Shiver (Book Two)
Vengeance (Book Three)
Favorite Quote (Henry Ford)
"Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right."
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Story #2
~Violent~ by CJ Pinard
College sophomore Evan Grant doesn’t realize what he’s getting into when he asks the beautiful redhead, Karina Walsh out on a simple date. The date ends well but the night does not. A frightening encounter with an otherworldly creature leaves him nowhere to go but to Karina and her family for help. But will they help him… or destroy him for knowing too much of a world he never should have seen?
You may think this is a tale about revenge, forgiveness, or even reconciliation, but it is not. It's a story about violence, plain and simple...
My name is Evan Grant, and while it kills me to put it out there -no pun intended- this is the story of how I died.
Evan Grant is a sophomore in college and let me just say, this guy was adorable -cute, sweet & shy, you can't help but love him. He has a crush on a cute little red-head in his physics class, Karina Walsh, and is trying to work up the nerve to ask her out. Problem is, he doesn't think she even knows he exists.
I was a shy college sophomore who had barely got to second-base in high school. I was determined to leave college having hit a homerun.
He finally bites the bullet and approaches her and much to his surprise scores her phone number. Nervous but excited he picks her up and takes her out to dinner. Even though the date is nice, if not a little awkward, and ends on a sweet note -his night abruptly takes a violent turn on the drive home and changes his life forever.
I awoke to a world of darkness and pain...
I felt like I was in a dream and had no idea what was happening to me...
There was blood everywhere, so, so much blood...
He turns to Karina and her family for help, but will they help him or destroy him for discovering the world he has stumbled upon?

Even though this was a short story, CJ Pinard has a way with the Paranormal that just sucks you right in. Interesting and unique, with characters that grip your attention. Evan & Karina were just too sweet for words, and her brother Dylan was such an ass you can't help but giggle, all while cringing at the bloody violence pouring down around you. I can only hope these people pop up again in future stories, I'm am very curious to see what's next for them.
I don't know what the future holds for me, but I do know one thing; violence is a part of my life now. This world I live in isn't pretty and it isn't neat, it's violent a lot of the time.
About the Author:
C.J. is a west coast native who has lived on both coasts and now lives near the middle, in Colorado! Coming from a family of writers and editors, she feels writing is in her blood and hopes people will lose themselves for a little while in the fantasy and fun of her stories.

She also loves getting notifications that people have sent her an email, added her on Facebook, or on Goodreads. So stop by and say hi - don't be shy! She's not! :)

Her latest release, Unscathed (A contemporary paranormal romance collaboration with Tim O'Rourke) is now available!
Other upcoming works:
Tour of Duty (When Riley Met Cara, Book 2) will be released Dec 20, 2013
Soul Rebel (Paranormal Romance)
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Story #3
~The Blood Pool~ by LR Potter
When vicious killings of humans begin to show up in a small town, Alec Kilton – Chief Enforcer of the Nave, the ruling authority of vampires, is sent to investigate it and stop it. During the course of his investigation, he comes across a deadly game enacted by four young – and untrained – vampires. They call their game, the Blood Pool. In this game, they select a female human’s name from a hat, and then each of the four have an opportunity to woo her. Whoever wins, gets to enjoy her before the other three come and destroy her.

While out on his mission, Alec meets a stunning redhead, Molly O’Connell, who he finds irresistible on so many levels. During the course of their game, Molly’s name is deposited into the hat and selected to become their next target in the Blood Pool. Will Alec be able to understand their game in time to save his lovely redhead? Or will those who invented the game destroy her first?
Three others appeared from the shadows. Like rabid animals, they pounced on the unconscious woman and began to rip her body apart, piece by piece, until her remains were scattered just as her buttons had been scattered just minutes before.
Alec Kilton, the Nave's Chief Enforcer of Vampire law, has been sent to investigate a rash of violent murders. Six women have been brutally murdered and time is of the essence. What he discovers is four young & untrained vampires, playing a deadly game they have dubbed 'The Blood Pool'...
The rules of the Blood Pool were that the winner received the fire-heated blood of passion, but the other three were allowed to drink, then destroy.
He takes a job as a bouncer at 'The Hanging Lantern', the bar Molly O'Connell bartends at, to try to weed through the local vamps and find his murderers. He's only in town temporarily though and isn't looking to get too involved with anyone, but Molly has grabbed his attention.
He felt downright possessive of her. How strange was that? He'd not been interested in a human for a long time; except as a way to release his pent-up frustrations, or as a food source.
Molly has no idea what Alec actually is, but that doesn't change the fact that she feels intensely drawn to him. She hasn't felt this kind of pull to someone in a very long time and it makes her more than a little nervous.
Alec made her nervous. She wasn't sure why exactly. Nervous wasn't exactly the word... more like he made her aware of him in some way, even though he'd barely spoken to her. His presence was just... commanding.
Passion ignites and Alec's world gets turned upside down the more he gets to know her. But then the murderers set their sights on Molly and all hell breaks loose.

I really enjoyed this story the chemistry between Alec & Molly was awesome and it had everything I enjoy in a paranormal-action, suspense, blood, steam, and my Achilles heel-ANGST. I am definitely looking forward to more from this author.
There was something about this man something innately dangerous – yet protective at the same time.
About the Author:
LR Potter, a central Florida native, currently resides close to the sandy beaches of Perdido Key in the northern part of Florida. Potter loves losing herself in the magic of a good book while listening to the sounds of the surf and hopes whoever reads her books finds the same escape. Being a lover of all literature, she writes over several genres.

Check out my newest releases, Flawed Beauty and The Rush Series: Rush of Innocence (Book 1) & Rush of Redemption (Book 2) contemporary romances.

Upcoming work:
A Long & Steady Cadence (due out fall 2013)
Master of the Game - The Rush series: Book 3 (Fall 2013)
The Color of Snow: Snow Fall (due out fall 2013)
Judgement Lapse: A Slater Vance novel (#2 in this series due out Winter 2013)
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