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Happy Hump Day-Review by Jenn:The Untouchables Series by TA Grey

The Untouchables Series by TA Grey

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Tempting Gray
The Untouchables #2
by TA Grey
410 pages
published November 21st 2013
Paranormal Erotic Romance

It all began nearly 600 years ago…
A dangerous vampire, mated to a woman his heart no longer beats for. 
A mistake that would change his entire life.
A mistake so horrific it would lead Grayson Blackmoore back to one woman.
A woman who holds the power to shatter him completely—Arabella Donahue.
Vengeance, bloodshed. The hunt is on and Grayson won’t stop until they’re all dead...

***** 5 Heartbreaking & Bloody Stars
this review contains minor spoilers
When Grayson Blackmoore looked at you-you noticed. Big time. Grayson was devilishly handsome. And yet, he acted as if he had no clue as to how kissably perfect his mouth was...
Once again TA Grey has hit me with a series I cant resist. There is a reason this woman has become my go-to author for paranormal romance. Her books are always full of amazing characters, snark & humor, action, mystery, and steamy Alpha-man sex all wrapped up in a great story. While Book one in this series (Take Me) was loaded with sexual tension and angst, this book was all about gut-wrenching heartache, blood and violence. This is Grayson's story....
Nothing tasted good anymore. Hadn't for a long time. Such was life for him. Grayson like his name. Dismal and gloomy.
It was his fault. Of course it was. He'd been born a bastard and would always be one.
We first meet Grayson Blackmoore(Dom's Brother) in 'Take Me', Gray's story is not a happy one. After his mate, Anita, suffered two miscarriages, she began living her life in a constant drunken haze. For years it's been this way, Grayson doesn't even know this woman anymore. She will lie, steal and screw anyone she has to to get her next fix and Gray doesn't know what else to do to help her. He's miserable, lonely, depressed and can't stand to even be around her anymore, but deep down he does still love her and his protective nature won't allow him to leave her.
She's my bruid. My mate. I love her still.” Maybe not as much as he should, but he would always love his mate.
She may be your mate but we know that's only in name. It's been that way for how long now? Why must you punish yourself for her crimes?”
Watch your mouth!”
I didn't mean any offense, of course. I know you prefer honesty, Grayson, so that's what I'm giving you. It's been a mating in name only for, what, ten years now?”
Twelve,” he said, his voice hoarse.
Addiction is a terrible disease, my friend. I'm telling you that because she's never going to get well if you keep enabling her.”
Fuck you! I'm not helping her be like this. I hate that she's like this. I want her back.”
When a job goes terribly wrong, he loses a client he's guarding and kills the murderer in the process, he has no idea the war he just started. The man he kills happens to belong to the most violent criminal family in the vampire community and they retaliate by going after everyone closest to him. After his family is attacked, vengeance is the only thing on his mind. He approaches Alpha Zeke Hunter for help tracking down those he's after and that is what leads him to Arabella Donahue, a Were with a unique tracking ability.
Zeke rubbed his chin in thought. “A job offer. I'll admit, I didn't expect that out of you, Grayson. However, I'm afraid I'm not hiring at this current time. On the other hand, I might be able to help you.”
Grayson's gaze narrowed. “What do you mean?”
Let's just say I know someone whose tracking skills make me look like a pup.”
The job is risky and very dangerous, but Gray is paying a whole lotta money for Ara's services. Working so closely with Gray, even amidst all the chaos and violence, Ara can't help but develop feeling for him. She sees the sad and lonely man, admires his strength and loyalty, wants nothing more than to heal him and can't deny how damn sexy she finds him. But Gray is still so wrapped up in Anita, Ara's presence alone sets his teeth on edge causing him to lash out at her more often than not. But Ara can't help the way she feels.
Fact is, he didn't scare her. Not really. Grayson made her feel safe. The vampire made his living protecting people. Surely that had something to do with it and nothing at all to do with his kissability which he scored high on.
Right from the start this book is loaded with action and bloodshed. We get to spend some time with all the Blackmoore's again along with other favorites from B1, I have to admit Zeke left me in a giggling fit more than once. There will be tears and most of this book is spent just wanting to hug Grayson, that man really deserves some happiness. This series is fast becoming one of my favorites from this author and I cannot wait for more. I have a sneaking suspicion **fingers crossed** that Lucas's book may be next...SQUEEEE
See, that's the thing with vengeance. After it's over and whoever you want dead is nice and dead, the hot spot is still there. It doesn't go away.”
What hot spot? What are you talking about?”
Zeke formed a loose fist and pressed it to his chest. “Here is where it hurts. It burns yah? That's what I call the hot spot. That place right near your heart. It can suffocate ya, or kill ya. It grows there and you think it'll go away, but it doesn't. You'll wait too, days after you've killed 'em. You'll start to think that maybe it just takes a little time for it to settle in before the hot spot goes away. But that's the shit of it, Gray. It doesn't disappear just 'cause you killed the guys. It'll go when it's ready.”
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Take Me
The Untouchables #1
by TA Grey
476 pages
published March 1st 2013
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Dominic Blackmoore meets the woman who captures his mind and body with a look and he’s instantly taken with her. When he was ordered to take another mate quickly after separating from his ex, he loathed the idea. However, after catching sight of his bruid he quickly changes his mind. He finds her utterly captivating, sensually erotic, and yearns to learn everything about her.
The woman he’s mistaken as his bruid is none other than the event planner, Felicity Shaw, for his mating ceremony. Now Dominic will do everything it takes, even lie to the woman he craves, to keep her at his side. He needs to mate with his bruid in order to win his political campaign but he finds himself falling in love with Felicity Shaw. In the end he must choose between work or love. He may make the right decision, but is it too late to save his lies from hurting Felicity?     
Felicity Shaw wants more in life. She’ll even lie to get it, which is exactly how she lands a job with the illustrious Blackmoore family. However, it’s the head of the vampire household, Dominic Blackmoore, that has her heart racing and breath catching. The man consumes her unlike anyone ever has before. She can’t resist him though she tries. As she’s forced to work with Dominic she tries to keep away from him but he doesn’t make things easy. She may want him with a passion she’s never experienced before, but she will not be with him when he’s mating to another woman. It’s either her or no one. But one terrible lies seals their fates together in ways neither of them imagined, threatening their love and the very fabric of their relationship.
***** 5 Take ME Dom...Stars ;)
this review contains minor spoilers
"I'm a Blackmoore, Felicity. I get what I want."
I read a lot of books, from all different kinds of genres, but my go-to is generally romance....nasty, sexy, dirty romance. I have zero shame in admitting the sexier the better. Contemporary, paranormal, it doesn’t really matter to me. But I do like it to have an actual story behind all the sex, and its important to me to see a connection between the characters beyond lust. That is one of the reasons why I have become such a big fan of this author. She has several series' to choose from, mostly all of them are of the paranormal variety, and this one has already become one of my favorites. 
Women, they were tricky business. A man had to step carefully lest he find himself in a pit of despair, longing after the one he wants and getting nothing but scorn in return.
What was it about her that drove him crazy? He'd never had such a wild and instantaneous reaction to a woman before.
I've come to expect certain things from a TA Grey novel & this book definitely delivers.
1) fast-paced, pulse-pounding, thrill ride? Check!
2) feisty, smart-mouthed heroine with a strong backbone but knows when to submit? Check-Check
3) Hott, badass, possessive Alpha who can easily take control & craves it, Knows when he has screwed up & actually admits it, has a heart of gold beneath the gruff exterior that allows him to show his soft side occasionally? Oh & sexy as all hell??
Oh. My. Gawd!! CHECK!!!
4) Smokin-hott, panty-melting, you-will-need-a-cold-shower, STEAMY love scenes? Ummm, oh yeah!!
"Because from the moment I saw you, I knew. I knew you were perfect for me. Everything about you drew me to you like a moth to light. I'm going to have you Felicity...many, many times."
Felicity Shaw has just landed the job of a lifetime as event planner for the mating ceremony of Dominic Blackmoore & Julianna Greenwich. There is just one problem. From the moment her & Dom meet, there is an insane sexual attraction between the two. Dom makes it perfectly clear that he wants to indulge in their chemistry & often, but Felicity puts her foot down. Aside from the fact that she's flat broke & desperately needs this job, she refuses to be the "other woman".
"Tell me what I have to do to get inside you and I'll do it. Name it. Anything."
Her heart constricted. "I-you're getting bonded to Julianna Greenwich."
His jaw clenched, eyes turned flat. "And?"
Just like that she felt cold. "And I don't mess around with non-single men."
"I can't give you that. I need her."
She winced. Why did those words feel like a blow straight to the heart?
"Yes, well, I'm not going to be a home wrecker. You can't touch me anymore. We need to keep our distance."
He turned his head away. Anger bounced off him in waves. Their arousal still saturated the air around them with that mouth-watering scent.
"She means nothing to me. I only met her for the first time the night I met you."
"Yes, but she's still going to be the one you're bonded to a month from now."
As long as he's to be mated to Julianna, she won't get involved with him. Dom has no interest in Julianna personally, she's a political pawn to help him in his race for presidency of their counsel. For those reasons, he cannot choose to stop the bonding & be with Felicity. She lacks the social standing & background he needs to win. That doesn't stop him from wanting her & he always gets what he wants. He pursues her with the determination of a drowning man reaching for a raft.
Everyone had their limits. It looked like he'd have to find Felicity's. He understood her trepidation, really. But Julianna was nothing to him. A political pawn. That's all. He and Felicity had something unique. Something he couldn't remember ever feeling.
The harder he pushes, the weaker Felicity becomes. Besides the election & Julianna, deceit, crazy ex's, murder attempts, an unstable Alpha & so much more stand in their way & threaten to tear them apart forever. Throw in some steamy encounters, cat fights, Alpha brawls, sexual tension & lots of humor. What. A. RIDE!!! I cannot wait to see what comes next in this series. With three more hott-as-sin, issue-riddled Blackmoore brothers, the possibilities are endless.
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I love to write the kind of stories that will keep you up late at night and make your heart pound. It's my goal to make each new book better, more exciting, and more action-packed to keep thrilling you. I'm always trying to push the boundaries with my imagination, and yours, to create something new and different.

Open up one of my novels and you will find hot, erotic stories that will make you laugh out loud, cry, and fly through the pages. I write addictive love stories and I hope you like them.
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