Friday, November 1, 2013

Review for 'Unscathed' by Tim O'Rourke and C.J.Pinard by Lisa

                              5 mind bending, juicy stars!                      

'In hearing this, Evelyn sprayed laughter, sounding like something close to a donkey'

"So were you watching me?" he asked. " I didn't say that," I said. "Yeah you did - you definitely said you were watching me."

' She again had the denim shorts on and her long, tanned legs looked down right lickable'

'The music and dancing continued all around us, but it seemed muffled somehow, like someone or something had thrown a cloak over the world.'

   I waited quite awhile for this book since it was written by two of my favorite authors. In case you didn't know, they wrote 'Unscathed' -together- from across the globe. C.J.Pinard being in Florida (soon to be in Colorado) and Tim O'Rourke being in the UK. Isn't that amazing?

  The wait was well worth it for 'Unscathed',  as I knew it would be. This book is not what it seems, let me tell ya! As the saying goes, 'Looks can be deceiving.' It is so much more than your average contemporary romance. Once gain, these authors left me in shock by the twisted and surprise ending.

   Mia's personality is very cute. Aren't all things British, though? I could almost hear her adorable accent through the pages. I went back and forth with liking her character through the story, as does Jax .Oh Jax ..hubba, hubba. He is a drool worthy seemingly  misunderstood bad boy with tats. Wait, scratch that, maybe not misunderstood. He likes the personal life he lives until Mia bumps into it. 

   Mia has dark secrets that entice Jax in the beginning, but not for long. Some secrets are  just too hard too handle. As soon as her secrets start to unravel, Jax isn't the happy camper he once was with Mia. Not only are her secrets shocking, but they border nut-ward worthy. Does Jax stick around after he discovers the truth? You'll just have to read 'Unscathed' to find out for yourself. Beware, secrets can be deadly!


" As Jax pulled me close, it felt as if he was absorbing all the pain I felt"

"Although we have led two different lives on two different sides of the world, we are more alike than perhaps either of us first though.I like us being alike." I tried to smile up at him.

About Tim O'Rourke:
Tim has written over twenty novels and is the author of the bestselling 'Kiera Hudson Series', 'Samantha Carter - Vampire Seeker Series', 'The Sydney Hart Novels' & 'The Moon Trilogy' amongst other titles.

Little Brown/Piatkus Publishing Group have just signed Tim to a three book deal for his 'Samantha Carter - Vampire Seeker Series'. Book one will be published by Piatkus January 2014!

The world publishing rights to Tim's latest novel 'Flashes' have just been signed by 'Chicken House/Scholastic and the book will be published Spring 2014!

Tim is currently working on new Kiera Hudson books and other works.

Don't be shy; feel free to contact Tim at or via his website Tim would love to hear from you.(less)

About C.J.Pinard:

C.J. is a west coast native who has lived on both coasts and in the middle! Coming from a family of writers and editors, she feels writing is in her blood and hope people will lose themselves for a little while in the fantasy and fun of her stories.

She also loves getting notifications that people have sent her an email, added her on Facebook, or on Goodreads. So stop by and say hi - don't be shy! She's not! :)