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Review by Lisa: Patriotic Duty by C.J.Pinard plus 1 signed copy and ebook giveaway


Patriotic Duty by C.J.Pinard


Newly divorced party girl Cara Reid just wants to have fun. Much too young to even be a divorcee, she and her bestie, Miranda, set off to have fun and maybe a few casual hookups and live life. One night at a military bar, Cara meets Riley Forrester, a hot Army soldier who makes her melt with one look of his deep ocean blue eyes. But Riley is only staying the summer in California and then has to go back to Colorado when it's over. Cara tells herself he’s just a summer fling and is determined to enjoy herself and let him go once the summer is over. But when Riley receives orders he wasn’t expecting, she’s forced to make a decision on whether she’s going to be there for him when he gets back, or move on with her life. What she wasn't expecting was to fall so hard for the beautiful soldier boy, and now she's faced with accepting her feelings or letting him go.

Lisa's Review:   4, Sexy Soldier Boy, Stars ****

   I really enjoyed this quick read. Its the kind of book you would want to curl up with on a cold and dreary day. The main Character, Cara, is a person to admire. Being only 26, she finds herself a divorced and single mother. She has pulled up her big girl panties and move on in raising her 2 year old  son. She is a touch of a party girl, but only when her son is with his dad on weekends and such. Cara and her best friend, Miranda, frequent clubs in search of a good time. their mission is to catch sexy men and possible fun between the sheets. Miranda, in my opionion, is a totally player who influences Cara. Miranda figures all men are cheaters and users, so they might as well be the same.
She voices her opinions, strongly, to Cara about men throught the book.

"Girl, I could have check-marked Army,Navy, Air Force, and Marines- hell, even the Coast Guard. I've done my patriotic duty. I've been of service, all right!"

   Cara is caught off guard when she catches the eye of a handsome soldier, Riley. She expects the guy to dump her at any minute, but is continuously surprised when he doesn't go anywhere. It is a whirlwind romance only to last through the summer; when rylie is to be stationed elsewhere. the chemistry between these two sizzled up my Ipad.

   The time comes for Riley to leave and Cara and Rylie find themselves sad and lost. Has there love grown? Will they continue on? It was just suppose to be a summer fling, right? Let's just say there were events that took place after Rileyleft that broke my heart and brought tears to my eyes on many occasions. The ending is not what I expected; I thought I had everything totally figured out.
Patriotic  Duty had a 'real feel' too me. I could just imagine  silimar romance and tragedy happening to those who  have ,and still, serve our country.

" I cursed myself for this kind, beautiful, perfect soldier boy to seep in through my skin and settle into my heart. That wasn't suppose to happen, and yet here I was... heartsick and breathless."

About C.J Pinard :
She is a west coast native who has lived on both coasts and in the middle! Coming from a family of writers and editors, she feels writing is in her blood and hope people will lose themselves for a little while in the fantasy and fun of her stories.

She also loves getting notifications that people have sent her an email, added her on Facebook, or on Goodreads. So stop by and say hi - don't be shy! She's not! :)

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