Friday, November 15, 2013

Review By Lisa and Jenn: Demonica by Will Davis

Demonica by Will Davis

When spoilt eighteen year old Miranda suffers a terrible accident she survives, but her face is hideously scarred.

Unable to bear what has happened to her, she locks herself away. Her only companions are Veronica, her cruel and beautiful mother, and Nelly, the sympathetic housekeeper.

As time passes Veronica inflicts cruelty after cruelty on her disfigured daughter. Lonely and filled with despair, Miranda is astonished when Bernard, Veronica’s handsome younger boyfriend, takes an interest in her circumstances.

For Bernard believes there is an operation that can restore Miranda’s face. But it will involve committing an unspeakable crime. A decision that will haunt her for the rest of her life...

In the tradition of Angela Carter and Daphne du Maurier, Demonica is a terrifying modern fairy tale.

*Lisa and Jenn received advanced copies of Demonica for honest reviews*


"Hope is virtually impossible to completely destroy, no matter what the circumstance, so somewhere inside I suppose it must have smouldered faintly out."
"Do you know how it gets, with just the television just to distract you? Its like living in a large coffin. You start to talk to yourself, not necessarily out loud, but in your head. It is as though you are split in half. There are two voices: a rational voice that tells you practical things  in order to calm the emotional voice that is forever hounding you with doubts and fears."
"There is no worse feeling than the certainty that you have no chance with the one you desire. It swims like a shark through the rivers of your bloodstream, bites its way into your heart and eats away at your soul."
     I feel as if I have just  stepped out of a Twilight Zone movie. This book had me in a crazy trance-like state from the first page. The author's words and descriptions weaved a maddening tale in which I had no choice, but to continue. I was already under the author's spell. He had me fixated with morbid fascination and horror to the events that transpired in Demonica. Miranda is a character with whom I sometimes would despise, feel great sympathy for, relate to on many occasions, would run away from, and feel utterly disgusted by. I can't honestly say I know how I feel about the character..even at this point. How can hone person possible contain so many characteristics? Maybe that is one of the author's points. As I sit outside on this cold November day, I look to the clouds searching for words to describe this give it the justice that it deserves. I will say this: if you are looking for a book that will make you question karma, fate, and the nature of a human being who has danced with tragedy time and time again, then this book is for you.I ,for one, am looking forward, greatly, to read more work from this author.
"I wanted to return to that place where reality was forbidden, where faces and people were interchangeable like dolls with detachable heads and where fate evolves like a kaleidoscope according the pattern of your slumbering breath."

Jenn's Review:

                                 *****5 - will keep you up all night - stars*****

                                      ***may contain minor spoilers***

I thought of all the times I had wished I was dead after the accident and realized that I still wished it still, despite all the changes. Life meant suffering, it was as simple as that. Only a fool would want to be a part of it.

That was….well, disturbing pretty much sums it up. My introduction to Author Will Davis and he blew me away, I could not put this book down. Creepy, gross, twisted, mesmerizing –it was like watching a car accident, you can’t bear to look at it but are unable to tear your eyes away.

It cannot be surprising that I thought my life was over. Nor can it be surprising that I wished it so. As my bones healed and my body grew stronger, painful emotive states of mind passed through me like tidal waves. I spent so many hours alone with my misery that it seemed to imbue the very room with its oppressive energy. The atmosphere became heavy, stifling, foreboding. Others felt it too.

Miranda grew up a spoiled little rich girl. Completely wild and out of control with parents who had no desire to do any actual parenting and let her run free. Til a terrible accident leaves her terribly scarred and changes the course of her life forever.

Perhaps the strangest thing of all was how very archaic my world had become. Alone in the house it was like being trapped in a gothic novel. The things I saw on television, the racy serials and sex shows, they seemed like another planet to the one where I now lived. My life before the accident was increasingly like a faintly remembered dream. It got harder and harder to believe that it had ever really been different to how it was now – that I had once been pretty and had a face of my own.

She becomes completely reclusive, refusing to leave her home, with only the company of the housekeeper Nelly and a mother whose words and actions become crueler by the day.

To think that she would be able to take charge of me, to look after me and even to learn to love me not as a pretty girl but in my monstrous faceless state – it was sheer madness. At best it was a romantic delusion. At worst it was a gross method of vengeful self-flagellation for my father’s leaving her, one that drew me in and used me as the whip without regard for the boundless anguish it would cause me. I was to get used to this – to being disregarded. 

And then she meets one of her mother’s frequent ‘house guests’ Bernard. He is the first person outside of Nelly to spend any real time with her and shows an interest in her as a person beyond the horrific scarring.

You’ll never know what it’s like! I cried, Being repulsive! Being loathed! To have people disgusted by the very sight of you! To have them whisper about you and make up names about you!

Bernard tells her of a way she can fix her face despite so many others telling her there is no hope, but the price she must pay may be more than she could ever imagine. How far is she willing to go to get back what she has lost?

All this time since the accident, no matter how pitiable my state, I had only been biding my time, my real venomous self coiled up like a serpent readying itself for the strike. I had been waiting and waiting for the opportunity to somehow rise up again in the world, reclaim my face and become once more a pretty girl with opportunities ahead of her.

I have to admit, this book took me through a mess of confused emotions. Miranda’s personality was complex to say the least. On the one hand, I felt terrible for her, being so isolated and alone after all she went through. Suffering depression, self-hatred and a general lack of human connection. But on the other hand, her streaks of cruelty snuck up on you and left you wondering at her absence of human compassion and morals.

While I believe she was in fact just a product of her environment and upbringing, that only excuses so much. And Bernard….well, I’ll let you come up with you own ideas on that one. This book was a collection of twisted characters, terrible circumstances and even worse choices. The author completely sucks you into the story and chokes you, refusing to let you go til the bitter end. It’s lucky for me that I love head trips because this one was a doozy. I’m very much looking forward to more nightmare inducing sickness to come from this author, I don’t see him going away any time soon which is totally fine by me.

It was so easy to meet strangers, to flirt with them, take them back and sleep with them knowing that you are seducing them, that you are using them and draining the pleasure out of them for yourself. We were like vampires, sucking out the essence of our lovers and then disregarding them like bloodless corpses the next day.


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