Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday's "Did you know?" Tip #1


There is nothing more frustrating for an author than falling in love with a stock photo for their manuscript and all of the hours of work have come to an end and you finally feel relieved. Truth be told if you're me, you feel like: 

THEN BAM!! It's like you were smacked in the face when you see it. You were so close!!!

The usual saying is "blood, sweat, and tears" but for me it was missed meals, dirty house, and the occasional missed shower when you were on a writing spree would feel wasted if the picture you loved was already used. It sucks! I want to scream at the injustice of it all but I wished someone would have told me it was already used! 

While there are those who might not want me to share this:

As a designer, I felt it was my duty to give informative details to help all those authors, future authors, and those who would like to be designers too about the incredible invention that is called Google Image Search.www.images.google.com <-- correct link.

You simply save the image and upload it to the google image search bar. And low and behold click search. You will get images from the different locations for the said image, but also you might find a CHEAPER deal too. Another friendly tip. Now if you don't see your image on the search, and want to make sure, next to the image put the word Novel or Book and search again. If its clear, then use the pic and call it a day! If its been use, never fret because a great designer can do stock photo manipulation. 

Courtesy of Bookfabulous Designs
Like in this pic and you can tweak it and make it look like an amazing original image.

Hope this helps!