Friday, October 25, 2013

Spotlight On Author Tim O'Rourke and giveaway

How a Favorite Author is 'Born'

I started off reading Black Hill Farm by Tim O'Rourke back on December 7, 2011 ( which happens to be my b-day). I was in search of something different and  cheap. Aren't we all ? I judge a book by its cover (don't judge and Black Hill Farm caught my eye. So did the the  price and description. The book was so amazing and unique that I wanted more! No, I needed more! I then found Andy's Diary, the second in the series. Again, I needed more after that jaw-dropping read. I went on the search again and behold, I found Vampire Shift and Vampire Wake, the first two in his Kiera  Hudson series ( which he wrote for his sweet wife, Lynda). So here I am a little over a week later, and I have read all 4 books that he had out at the time. And I wanted  more!!! I was already an O'Rourke junkie!

Just as any of  Tim's die-hard fans, I joined his fan club on Facebook and eagerly awaited anything he would put out. Thank God we don't ever have to wait long because the genious writer that he is, he produces a new mind-blowing book every couple of months or so. What is so great about his books?
Well, let me happily  tell you. They are unique ,mind-bending, addictive ,creative, gory, sexy, hilarious ,and thank-God-for-writers-like-this kind of books. He writes about vampires (vampyrus),
were wolves (lycanthrope), parallel worlds, ghosts, mind-screwing mysteries, complicated soul wrenching love stories, and how-in-the-world-did-he-come-up-with-that creatures. 

One thing I love most about his stories is no matter what book or series you read, they all tie together in some mystical way. The man is the Houdini of writing. As you read, you can not comprehend how he does it! Not only is Tim a phenomenal author, he is  gracious to all of his readers. he treats  us as his friends, not fans. With all that being said, I am going to leave you with a poem I wrote. 

Tim O'Rourke's Fans                                                

We are O'Rourkians.. yes we are
We gobble up Tim's books like a candy bar
We eagerly await for a new book to read
Thank God he writes with such great speed
O'Rourkianville is where we meet
Come on over and take a seat
Join in the fun and become one of us
Just hop aboard the O'Rourkian bus
We are the best  fans, we must confess
Always praying for Tim's success

A little info about Tim:
Tim is the author of the bestselling 'Kiera Hudson Series, 'Samantha Carter - Vampire Seeker Series', 'The Sydney Hart Novels' & 'The Moon Trilogy' amongst other titles.
Little Brown/Piatkus Publishing Group have just signed Tim to a three book deal for his 'Samantha Carter - Vampire Seeker Series'. Book one is now available in eBook format and will be published in paperback in January 2014!

The world publishing rights to Tim's latest novel 'Flashes' have just been signed by 'Chicken House/Scholastic and the book will be published Spring 2014!


You may enter the giveaway below. We are giving away an ebook  copy of Black Hill Farm and Vampire Wake, which is the second in the Kiera Hudson series. Vampire Shift, the first in the  series is free. There will be two lucky winners. Each will receive on book each.   
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