Sunday, October 27, 2013

Review for Grip of Mortality- CL Foster

Title: Grip of Mortality
Author: C.L. Foster
Cover Designer: Bookfabulous Designs


The curse of the Cortez family followed Mira Cortez and a decision needed to be made; it wasn’t if she will go but a matter of when. Mira won’t sit by and wait while her mate is sent on a mission that could end him and their chance to break her family’s curse. She must join her mate and use her hidden ability to protect him and their way of life, before they all become Endangered.

The family of wereleopards must battle for their lives against their greatest enemy... their own family. 

With the odds against them, everything depends on The Cortez Quintuplets. Combine they’re a force to be reckoned with but when Rozar Cortez meets her mate, everything changes. With all on the line, she must choose: continue to fight with her family and use her curse ability or take a chance on love even if he’s not what he seems.

Will Rozar follow her heart or will she face being trapped by the Grip of Mortality?


Rozar Cortez is a gorgeous beautiful woman. Could it be her incandescent ocean blue eyes, or her porcelain skin that is smooth and fair? Or was it the magenta hair that blew in silky strands within the wind that catches Shade Nakos attention. On a mission to investigate the Cortez sisters and their mother by their unlikely enemy, their father Moreno, was a task that he had accepted. Unfortunately, he had no idea that this chance meeting with Rozar as he hid on perch hidden in the trees, would allow him to meet his true mate. As these shifters are unlike any described before for theses sisters were clouded leopards but especially because they’re each represented by the five senses and were blessed with unique abilities to match the senses they’re name for. 

In a war for domination and control over the shifters, Moreno will stop at nothing to end his wife and the one true Queen Clara as well as, kill his denied daughters. But as allies form, and a curse is released, everyone must be cautious and trust no one until they find out the truth, but can they find peace or will they have to do the ultimate sacrifice and kill their unhinged and psychopathic father?

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