Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Who the hell is Jasinda Wilder? A naughty vixen that's who!

I cannot begin to tell you that this woman truly has blown me away with this series.

Maybe I am an emotional mush ball or maybe I am just a freak but hot-damn the woman can write a sexy scene!! Chase Delaney is seriously the sexiest rock star book boyfriend I could have....

The fact is big girls tend to have low self esteem because of society's expectations for us to be size 2... well guess we aren't. (SHOCKER!)  So when a writer writes a book who hits on the subjects that is so spot on to reality, you tend to get emotionally involved in a book! Not to mention, hello ABS!

Back to the series.... It all started with this book. I was on my kindle and wanted to read something sexy and low and behold this little baby caught my eye and it was FREE! *Shrugs What the heck... what can it hurt?*

My wallet is what it could hurt and I never been happier giving my money away in one night. 

She made it rain!!! My husband will be seeing a few transactions on Amazon... sorry honey :-D

On to the review!

If there is one thing I know, it is that big girls have low self esteem... I am one... I can talk. So when a guy takes notice in us, its like stroking a man's you know what and it makes us giddy. At least for me it did. So when the first encounter with Chase Delaney takes Anna Devine by surprise... hello Mr. Sexypants!  I'd be drooling too...

Then one night... He shows up at Anna's job and says... "Come home with me..." Sorry Skinny Bitches! MOVE!

To say their chemistry is amazing is an understatement and he allows Anna to finally see her inner goddess... What's not to love?  Well this here review is just a tease for a great series... so I suggest you start reading... because HOT DAMN!!! It's worth it!