Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The In Between Series gets 4 Stars!

“The In Between” (Book One of The In Between Series) 
By: Catherine Converse

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Kismet's Review:

The In Between cover leaves you in complete suspense and wonder; you asked yourself, what is this book about? Once I started to read this book I truly couldn't put it down. Which left  me like:

Converse's ability to bring a refreshing take on suspense in the Young Adult Market allows you fully appreciate her skills to describe and build the correct amount of anticipation. 

About the Book:

IImagine that you realize that your dreams are actual psychic dreams. Imagine that the nightmares you experienced and the horrific scenes you witnessed could be prevented? Adie realizes long ago that her dreams are in fact actual events but feels helpless that she can't do anything about it. She tries to live her life like any other graduating Senior with a passion for soccer but when she realizes that someone she knows has been watching her every move, what will she do?  

Adie learns about a secret intelligence agency located deep beneath the surface of a busy city, and they need her! Her dreams are the keys will give them the ability to possibly stop a murder from happening. She contemplates and wonders if she in fact can stop this from happening? Will they train her to being to defeat these monsters who have plagued her mind?

Adie meets a fellow Psychic Dreamer name Dannika but realizes quickly that Dannika is an obstacle herself. They form a bond allowing Dannika to respect Adie but she discovers something and Adie needs to help her while they are trying to catch a serial killer.

What did they discover? Did they catch the Killer? You just have to read it to find out!  So what are you waiting for? 

Come on and give this book a chance!

This Book is Sparring Stepsisters Approved: 4 Stars! Kudos Catherine on a well written book!