Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ashley Wilcox is the Queen of Enchantment!

Planning on Forever

Many of us have experienced our high school sweetheart. Where the world around you is limitless and love is ray of sunshine on the cloudy days. That was Alexa; hopelessly in love with Collin who was soon to graduate high school while she still had one year left. Alexa's heart was swollen with pride and pure love for Collin and knew they could get through anything.

Collin was mere hours from the last day of the first of his adult life. He had the perfect girl, the scholarship to play football, and loyal friends. He had everything but was plagued on what he should do when it came to Alexa. He loved her but could they hold out on the long distance?

Collin gets a tastes of the single life and it costs him the very thing he loved most, Alexa. She is brokenhearted and devastated but her friends push her to live and embrace her new single life and that is when she meets Nolan! He is ever so dreamy and their connection is utterly steamy which leaves this brokenhearted girl into a high stakes game of possibly getting hurt again.

When Collin sees first hand that saying sorry isn't working and sees that Alexa needs her space he focuses on his second love, football. In all his effort in trying to win Alexa back he realizes the mistakes he's made but cannot accept that she is embracing her new single life.

Will Collin win Alexa back? Will Alexa get hurt by Nolan? Planning on Forever will grip you and make you want to scream in outrage as well as cry in the devastation of love lost.  I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it for any hopeless romantic seeking a book to sink into. This book is Sparring Stepsister Approved. ~Kismet