Monday, October 8, 2012

SPAR #1 "Gravity" By: M. Leighton

Gravity- M. Leighton 

Our first impression of the cover:

Kismet: The cover looks like it is a setting from an early century love story. I honestly was expecting a romance book. I love a good romance. 

Kindred: I see a rich bride who is running away from the man she is betrothed to marry but doesn't want to. The text was so close to the book I read of Leighton’s just before I bought “Gravity”. It is called “Fragile” and was a love story in which I think the cover matched extremely well for the content of the book. I honestly bought “Gravity” thinking it was the next book due to the same font on the cover, and the similarities of the girl.

What We would recommend for the cover:

Kismet: I believe that this cover really needs to be revamped and hit closer to the name of the Series and give a paranormal edge.  The font used was the same as Fragile and I thought maybe they were from the same series.

Kindred: I really believe that the cover should have the name of the Series; especially since I am junkie for a great series. I believe the font should have been different from Fragile. I also believe that it should have been less dainty. Possibly a girl who matches the character's badass personality or even an eclipse that pertains to the book.

Love is irresistible. Gravity is undeniable.

Holy men have foretold their birth for thousands of years. Supernatural creatures have awaited it for thousands more. Now, in the presence of an eclipse, three souls mature for a single purpose—to fight. They must fight for their lives, for their freedom and for the liberation of everyone possessed of a second nature.

What We thought of the description:

Kismet: Whoa! Paranormals co-existing together and there are three chosen people who’ll bring the war of all wars? YES! This will be thrilling.

Kindred: I think that is sounds like a paranormal battle novel with a strong love story. It sounds exciting and believed it would be badass.


"I was standing with my back to the door, talking to Lacey Roberts, one of my closest friends, when I felt two big, warm hands wrap playfully around my throat from behind".

What We thought of the first sentence:

Kismet: That was exciting. I am thinking this might get hot real quick and yes I was really thinking something that it wasn’t. I admit it.

Kindred: The first sentence grabs you, literally. It was a sexy way to introduce Trace and Peyton's reaction to him. You knew the immediate connection from the beginning.

What We didn’t like about the book overall:

Kismet: I felt it was a giant cluster of paranormals in a small town. I think the story was kind of rushed and didn't give you a good enough understanding of the why these things were happening. The back story about how they were brought to this town was missing from the beginning and I think it might have gave the reader a better understanding of events to come.

Kindred: I feel like there were way too many paranormals thrown into this book all at once. If this were the first paranormal book I have ever read, I would probably stay away from the genre. But since I am a paranormal junkie, I was able to keep up. I just was thrown by it a little because of how the story starts out, and honestly the cover.

What We liked about the book overall:

Kismet: I liked the fact the characters are true and genuine. That there are typical high school cliques and there is the royal bitch (I really mean BIATCH) of the school, which in fact did some foul bitchy things.  This was very much my high school growing up.

You can actually relate to the fact that Peyton has self esteem issues (Hello? Who doesn’t feel they aren’t exactly perfect surrounded by perfect girls?). I love how she is willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good and for the love of the men in her life.

I love Brady’s protective nature towards Peyton and that he is so concern for her wellbeing. Does it come across as overbearing; yes it does but being raised with two older brothers, you learn to accept it as their way of showing their love for you.

Trace, oh Trace! To have a man love me the way this delicious morsel of man loved Peyton, I would die a happy woman. Sure the world around them is chaos but in the end their love for each other is refreshing.

Lacey is by far a ride or die chick and I love it! Her 2nd nature isn’t what one I would want personally but she is true to her best friend Peyton and the people she loves.

Kindred: Trace and Peyton’s relationship was hands down my favorite part of the book. The will they won’t they aspect, the chemistry; I was rooting for them the entire time.
I love Trace. He is described so perfectly you can’t help but fall in love with him.

Leighton has a way of making her characters so real that your heart actually breaks while reading. You feel what the characters feel. That is what I loved about this book.

Brady and Peyton…I loved the brother sister bond they had. It seemed natural and unforced. Like I said, Leighton has a talent for character development…

I honestly don’t get books (there are so many) where the big brother has a huge issue with his best friend being with his sister. Wouldn’t you want someone you love to be with another person you love? I mean in the end if it doesn’t work out that is tricky yes, but to go full on violent about it and/or stop talking to someone over it is just ridiculous to me (This is in general not just about the book).

Would We recommend this book:

Kismet: For any paranormal junkie, HECK YES! The cliffhanger was killer and you knew that the next book was going to be epic. I read the book in a day, which is saying something because I wanted to know what was going to happen next. It could get tweaked a bit by giving a better overall look to the book and an in-depth introduction of the town’s back-story.  Other than that, I think this really could be a killer series. Well done Michelle.

Kindred:  I am a true Leighton fan and it had negative reviews and amazing reviews.  I genuinely ended the book wanting to go hop on Amazon and buy the next book. I was sad to see that it was yet to be written, but I still cannot wait to see what happens. I LIVE for a book with an amazing cliffhanger. Leighton gave me a real punch in the face at the end of the book! I took back everything I disliked about the book and wanted MORE.

I think if the book gets a new awesome cover, and a little more promotion (I have had diehard Leighton fans ask me what the heck this book is, which tells me that either it was a plan to keep it hidden, or that it just didn't get enough press), that “Gravity” can really become another BESTSELLER that Leighton can add to her very quickly growing list!