Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy 4th! Here is this month's #GIVEAWAY!

Our October 4th #GIVEAWAY is:
“Discern” By: Samantha Shakespeare

Book Description:
Twenty-year-old college student, Haley Helms is compelled to return home to Boulder, Colorado, after her heart is shattered by love's betrayal. After a chance meeting with an alluring passenger on the plane ride home, her life will never be the same.

Thrust into a once-believed mythical world, she finds out the stranger on the plane--now her college professor--is no ordinary man. Andrew Alexander, an immortal called a Parevite, has spent many centuries, along with the others of his kind, altering much of mankind's beliefs. 

Haley's soul calls to Andrew and he is hell-bent on winning her heart, no matter the cost. But will his dark side and catastrophic secret destroy any chance?

DISCERN, the first in the series by Samantha Shakespeare. 

DISCORD, the second book in the series is out NOW!


"A week ago, I would have never dreamt up such a fantastic story. My heart and head were pulling me in two different directions. My head warned of the danger of being near such a powerful, deadly creature, but my heart longed to be near him no matter the sacrifice--even if it meant my soul. It was difficult to discern which one would prevail, but my heart was winning this tug of war...for now."

~~~ This book is suggested for ages 17+ ~~~

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