Monday, October 15, 2012

Take the #PLEDGE!

Call To Action for All Indie Authors, Bloggers, & Bookaholics! 

We first want to thank you for your support. You have no idea how much it means to us. The response has been overwhelming and we love that you guys are enjoying our banter & spars. The reason we are reaching out to you all was be we really wanted to do a campaign with Indie Authors who are anti bullying. 

Grab my hand- Indie Authors Against Bullying is a Photo Protest in which we want to raise awareness and give hope to anyone who is being bullied. It will be very similar to N(O) H(8) campaign but it will be something that it will be for Indie Author & Blogger Community where we can unite. 

Recently a canadian girl name Amanda Todd did a YouTube video in which she told her story and turmoil about being bullied and the effects of it. For nearly 9 minutes she pours her soul and in the end she asked for someone to help her. Personally we  believe that Indie Authors has saved us from our own personal trials and tribulations, which gave us the ability to write and start Sparring Stepsisters™. Indie Authors helped us and we figure who better than to help these people like Amanda. Unfortunately, Amanda didn't have the help she so desperately seek and recently passed away. We refuse to see another child die because of ignorance and cruelty. and we hope you feel as passionate about this as we do.
 This being said, all we ask is for you to take a picture and print out the photo protest image we have provided and put it on your blog and all your social media avenues hashtag on twitter #GrabMyHand #IndieAuthorsAgainstBullying.

Steps on taking your photo

Step 1: Print the picture out....
Step 2: Hold out your hand to the camera while holding the sign
Step 3: Snap and take the picture

Step 4: Spread the word via Social Media and we spread the word through our blog and social media avenues.

Please let us know if you are interested and comment below and take the pledge in spreading the word!

Peace & respect,

Kismet & Kindred